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#GetCreativeWithPorsche: Planning road trips

While travel may be restricted at the moment, planning it certainly isn’t. Road tripping legend and the man behind Curves magazine, Stefan Bogner, shares how to plan the perfect car […]

Mille Giri events powered by Raph

Oké, je hebt jezelf gekieteld met een supercar en de adrenaline kolkt door je bloed. Dan wil je maar één ding: Nederland met zijn benauwende regeltjes en wijzende vingertjes subiet […]

45 Bergpassen in 7 dagen | Curves Magazine

A private drive with friends – 45 passes – 3100 km – Austria. Italy. France: HahntennReschenUmbrailStelvioForcola di LivignoBerninaAlbula San Bernhardino Lukmanier Oberalp GotthardSustenGrimselFurkaGrimselGrand St. Bernhard Petit Bernhard Roselend Iseran Galibier […]

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Irish Road Trip

“Road trips are the ultimate form of travel — complete freedom,” says Sebastian Canaves. His eyes sweep over the almost endless rich green of Ireland, the steep cliffs and finally […]