Porsche test autonoom rijden in de werkplaats

Via een tablet naar de hefbrug: Porsche test autonome rijfuncties van auto’s in de eigen werkplaats. Het testproject vindt plaats in het kader van een samenwerking met het innovatieplatform Startup Autobahn. Naar verwachting wordt het project halverwege 2019 afgerond. In het project voor autonoom rijden werkt Porsche samen met de startup Kopernikus Automotive, dat op […]

Video : Fast Lane Poetry 2 – Porsche 718 Boxster GTS

In our second edition of the Fast Lane Poetry series, Bijon decides to do a roadtrip in the new Porsche Boxster GTS. Luckily for all GTS-drivers, there’s an app with a collection of some of the best drives in the world. Bijon however, decides to design his own route by using an old paper-map. Needless […]

Video : On the road in Denmark: the “Roserbrothers”

For our guest authors Florian and Simon Roser, the dunes of Bjerregaard represent one of their childhood memories. On the road in Denmark, the “Roserbrothers” set out to rediscover traces of their past, except the family car has now been exchanged for a 911 GTS. More in the Porsche Newsroom: On the road in […]

Video : Le Mans Unravalled – From Bodø to Tarifa

From north to south, right across Europe: Ahead of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, selected journalists from all around the world had the opportunity to sample a taste of the classic endurance race. The whole story: Le Mans Unravalled – From Bodø to Tarifa from Porsche AG on Vimeo.

Curves Magazin : The making of CURVES MALLORCA

    “Mallorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its seaside resorts, sheltered bays, limestone mountains and remains of Roman and Moorish times.” Thus or something similar could probably be the beginning of most third-class travel guides about the island. And also the image that many […]

Race drones vs. Porsche 718 Cayman

Is the 718 Cayman able to outrun a swarm of race drones, which are operated by masters of their field? We gave it a try and teamed up with YouTube Gamer Ali-A to find out – in a giant race beyond virtual boundaries.

Hanswith : Legends of the Dolomites

Weer een mooie video van Hotel Hanswirth met alle mooie wegen uit de omgeving en … veel Porsches. Friends driving their Porsches through the magical landscape of the dolomites. Hanswirt****s presents this action packed Video!! | Nieuw logo

Onlangs zijn de nieuwe logo’s voor opgeleverd. We wilden graag een nieuw logo dat nog beter uitstraalde wat is : De website waar je alle Porsche gerelateerde events, van overal, bij elkaar kunt vinden “Alle Porsche events, overal”. Dit is het resultaat :